Category: Law & Advocacy

Washington at Night!

Last night our Law and Advocacy students spent their last night in D.C. with a trip to the National Mall to see the […]

Mock Trials

After spending the week using all of the skills they have learned, students argued their cases in the mock trial, meant to imitate […]

Supreme Court

Today our Law and Advocacy program visited the US Supreme Court! Students got to explore the majestic halls, and hear a lecture from […]

Drug Enforcement Agency Visit

Today our Law and Advocacy students had their first field trip to the Drug Enforcement Agency in Arlington! The students were welcomed by […]

The Newlymet Game

Last night, Law & Advocacy students competed in a high-energy game to see which group knew their TA best! After being given a […]

Supreme Court Visit

This morning, Law & Advocacy students visited the highest court in the nation, the Supreme Court of the United States. Staff members of […]


Law & Advocacy students practiced their argumentation skills last night in quick rounds of debates. Two students were called up and presented with […]

Guest Lecturer: Paul Lisnek

Dr. Paul Lisnek gave a series of lectures to LAWA students today, speaking about legal ethics and the art of negotiation. Lisnek hosts […]

Monuments at Night

Students in the Law & Advocacy and International Diplomacy programs took a group trip to several of Washington’s monuments and memorials. They arrived […]

Leadership: Communication

In today’s activity held by Leadership Facilitator Lauren Ball, students wrote personal goals for the session. They then moved onto a team building […]