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Trial Section

While preparing for their mock trials, the students are able to collaborate with other students in their trial teams. During these sessions they […]

Law School Visit

The students were able to speak with the dean of admissions at George Washington University Law School. A top 25 law school, with […]

LAWA Recap!


Mock Trials!

Students from Law and Advocacy visited Montgomery District Court where they participated in a mock trial! Students were divided into three different courtrooms […]

Trial Sections!

Students from Law and Advocacy were split into different groups based on their TAs. Each TA was stationed in a specific room within […]

Meet Professor David Schott!

Meet Professor David Schott! Professor Schott works at the Sturm College of Law as both a professor of the practice of law and […]

Ropes Course!

Students from Law and Advocacy (LAWA) tested their wills, their fears, their communication skills, and their trust in each other through a series […]

Mock Trials Recap!

Mock Trials!

Students from Law and Advocacy left Georgetown and arrived at the Montgomery District Court. At the courthouse, the students participated in a mock […]

Voir Dire!

Students from Law and Advocacy participated in an activity called “Voir Dire,” which is essentially the jury selection process. To make things more […]