Category: Architecture

Final Review and Presentations

Today our architecture students had to present their studio projects to a panel of the TAs. Each group got up and presented their […]

Washington Monuments at night!

Yesterday evening our architecture students got to go visit the monuments on the National Mall! The students started at the Jefferson memorial then […]

Field Trip: CUA School of Architecture

Today the students visited the Catholic University of America School of Architecture! They were introduced to common architecture terms then given a tour […]

Studio Session

Architecture students continued work on their studio projects in their TA groups! They used the notes and information they got from the site […]

Communication Tower

This afternoon the architecture students split into their TA groups in a building competition. Each group was separated into two teams where they […]

Site Visit

Today our Architecture students went to go visit their site at the National Mall. The students measured the space and sketched designs for […]

National Cathedral Visit

This morning our architecture students went on a guided tour of the National Cathedral! The students enjoyed a guided tour from DC design […]

Design Charrette

Today our Architecture students started their first day of their program bright and early with a lecture and then had a fun activity […]

Studio Project Final Review

The Architecture students gathered to present their studio projects to a panel of four judges. Nicole Bass, Julia Andor, and Colt Brock spoke […]

Monuments at Night

Students in the Architecture program took a trip to several of Washington’s monuments. They arrived at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial at sunset and […]