Year: 2023

POLI Closing Ceremony

This morning, our Political Action and Public Policy students attended their last event as NSLC students. The closing ceremony began with the swearing […]

Washington at Night!

Last night our Law and Advocacy students spent their last night in D.C. with a trip to the National Mall to see the […]

Field Trip: United Nations

Today, International Diplomacy students enjoyed their long-awaited field trip to the United Nations Headquarters! Following their field trip to Times Square, students walked […]

JNSLC Graduation

This morning, our middle schoolers graduated from each of their respective programs! The graduation ceremony was full of hugs and heartfelt goodbye messages. […]

Election Night!

The long anticipated results have arrived for our Political Action and Public Policy Presidential race. Nerves were high while the room buzzed with […]

Mock Trials

After spending the week using all of the skills they have learned, students argued their cases in the mock trial, meant to imitate […]

Presidential Debate

This evening, one of the most anticipated events of the week transpired – the presidential debate for our Political Action and Public Policy […]

Stop the Bleed!

This afternoon, our Medicine and Health Care students went through EMT training! After learning the basics, they were then taught how to stop […]


Our Engineering students also built rockets today! Each group was presented with basic instructions, then encouraged to create their own version of a […]

Building Wind Turbines

Today, our Engineering students had a jam-packed day making wind turbines! The students participated in the simulation by “buying” the necessary materials to […]