Category: Law & Advocacy

VIDEO I Why Should Our #NSLCLAWA Students Go To Law School?

    Our Law and Advocacy students have finished their Lecture Series with Professor Lisa Tucker with a topic that all potential lawyers […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Students Hear From Experienced Lawyers!

    At todays Law Panel, #NSLCLAWA students were able to hear from two professional lawyers to learn more about their careers, law […]

Judge Reggie Walton Speaks to #NSLCLAWA

  Senior United States District Judge, Reggie Walton, came and spoke with our Law and Advocacy program to discuss his career, personal life, […]

Law and Advocacy Students Visit Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court!

    Our #NSLCLAWA students were able to explore Capitol Hill and all of its museums, as well as get an insider tour […]

VIDEO I #NSLCLAWA Students Find Their Leadership Style!

    Are you a Lion, Owl, Peacock, or Koala? Well, our #NSLCLAWA students can confidently answer this question after learning their leadership […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Welcomes The New Students!

    Our Law and Advocacy program started their second session today with the arrival of these terrific students. See what the students […]

Law and Advocacy Say Goodbye to #NSLCatGU

  And just like that, Session #1 is over! We have loved every minute with this group of Law and Advocacy students and […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Students Experience Their First Mock Trial!

    All of the hard work and dedication was put into action today with the Law and Advocacy’s Mock Trials! They were […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Hear from the American Civil Liberties Union!

  The Law and Advocacy students had a guest lecture with Scott Michelman, the legal co-director for the ACLU, where they learned about […]

LAWA Students Visit The American University Washington College of Law!

    The #NSLCLAWA students were stoked to visit their first ever law school, and American University’s Washington School of Law did not […]