Category: Middle School Programs

JNSLC Graduation

This morning, our middle schoolers graduated from each of their respective programs! The graduation ceremony was full of hugs and heartfelt goodbye messages. […]

Stop the Bleed!

This afternoon, our Medicine and Health Care students went through EMT training! After learning the basics, they were then taught how to stop […]


Our Engineering students also built rockets today! Each group was presented with basic instructions, then encouraged to create their own version of a […]

Building Wind Turbines

Today, our Engineering students had a jam-packed day making wind turbines! The students participated in the simulation by “buying” the necessary materials to […]

Supreme Court Simulation

This morning, our U.S. History and Government students defended cases in their own Supreme Court. After learning the history and details of past […]

Color Styles: Group Dynamics

After a morning full of field trips and specialized lessons, the students joined their leadership facilitator, Dennard Mitchell, for a fun lesson about […]

Clinical Rounds

Today, our Medicine and Health Care students started their clinical rounds. They started the day by learning the dos and dont’s of bedside […]

Federalism Simulation

Today, the US History and Government students participated in a simulation that aided in explaining the fundamentals of federalism. Students created their own […]

Self-Driving Cars

Today, our Engineering students learned about the intricacies of self-driving cars. The TAs broke down the science and necessary coding that goes into […]

Intubation and Epidemiology

This morning, our middle school Medicine and Health Care students participated in their first lesson! They learned the basics of epidemiology, followed by […]