Category: International Diplomacy

INTL De-Reg Day

#NSLCINTL students are headed home! Thanks for a wonderful Session 4!

INTL NGO Projects

#NSLCINTL students completed and presented their NGO projects today. Check it out:

INTL Cross-Cultural Communication Simulation

#NSLCINTL students participated in a cross-cultural communication simulation last night. This interactive game is designed to teach students about the importance of culture […]

INTL Visits the Embassy of Saudi Arabia

#NSLCINTL students visited the Embassy of Saudi Arabia today. At the end of their talk, our hosts had some of the students dress […]

INTL Students Visit the Finnish Embassy

#NSLCINTL students visited the Finnish Embassy today, where they had the chance to meet with Sara Stenroos, First Secretary, Juuso Moisander, Minister Counselor, […]

INTL Students Learn About the Peace Corps

#NSLCINTL students had the chance to hear about volunteering for the Peace Corps from Kathy Stroker, Deputy CEO, today. (More photos here!)

INTL Security Council

#NSLCINTL students spent time working on their security council simulations today. To see more photos, click here.

INTL World Simulation

#NSLCINTL students are back from New York City and hard at work on their world simulation projects. Check out a few photos from […]


#NSLCINTL students spent the last two days in New York City. This morning, they had the chance to visit the United Nations! To […]

INTL Visits NYC – Stay Tuned!

#NSLCINTL students are in New York City for a couple days. Today was about tourism – but tomorrow they’ll be at the United […]