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International Diplomacy Students Visit the Embassies of Saudi Arabia and China!

  Our #NSLCINTL students visited both the Embassies of Saudi Arabia and China these past few days. The students loved learning about the […]

#NSLCINTL Takes on The Cross-Cultural Simulation!

    Our International Diplomacy students learned the importance of communication between cultures in this innovative and downright hilarious simulation! To stay up-to-date […]

VIDEO I #NSLCINTL Travels to the US Institute of Peace!

    Our International Diplomacy students visited the beautiful United States Institute of Peace today where they learned about the organization, its goals, […]

VIDEO I #NSLCINTL Starts the Security Council with Opening Speeches!

  The International Diplomacy students kicked off their Model U.N. Security Council with opening speeches! To stay up-to-date on all of the activities […]

International Diplomacy Students Visit the United Nations!

  Our #NSLCINTL students wrapped up their trip to New York City with a visit to the United Nations! To stay up-to-date on […]

International Diplomacy Students Arrive in New York City!

  Our #NSLCINTL program has arrived in New York City and are loving every minute of the Big Apple! After exploring Times Square […]

VIDEO I World Simulation: #NSLCINTL Begins Creating Their New World!

  Today, our International Diplomacy students began their journey through World Simulation: an activity where they are able to create their own country […]

International Diplomacy Students Take on the Ropes Course!

  Our #NSLCINTL gained valuable leadership and teamwork skills at the Challenge Ropes Course today! To stay up-to-date on all of the activities […]

VIDEO I International Diplomacy Arrives at #NSLCatGU!

  We welcomed in our second session of International Diplomacy students today and we couldn’t be happier to have them! See what they […]

VIDEO I Building a New World with INTL!

Throughout the course of this session, our #NSLCINTL program has been developing and cultivating their own countries, only to be met by a […]