Category: Law & Advocacy

LAWA Students’ Final Mock Trials

#NSLCLAWA students did their final mock trials today – in a real courtroom! They had the opportunity to perform the mock trials in […]

LAWA Students Commit to Their Actions

#NSLCLAWA students participated in an activity called “Commitment in Action” today, in which they all had to commit to a fun walk down […]

LAWA Students Complete Lecture Series

#NSLCLAWA students participated in a five-part lecture series with David Schott, Director of the Center for Advocacy. Over the course of five classes, […]

LAWA Students Visit the Supreme Court

#NSLCLAWA students visited the Supreme Court today. They had a info session in the court chamber, then had the chance to meet with […]

LAWA Students Talk Advocacy

#NSLCLAWA students talked about advocacy last night at a session we call “brainsprouting.” Starting with a few examples of what our TAs advocate […]

LAWA Students Visit Georgetown Law

#NSLCLAWA students spent a few hours at the Georgetown University Law Center today, learning about the law school admissions process, what programs are […]

LAWA Students Talk Ethics with Dr. Paul M. Lisnek

#NSLCLAWA students met with Dr. Paul M. Lisnek, jury consultant and co-founder of the NSLC, earlier tonight to talk about ethics.

LAWA Students Visit the Newseum

#NSLCLAWA students spent the afternoon at the Newseum. To see more photos, check out our Flickr album.

INTL and LAWA Session 3 Arrival Day

#NSLCINTL and #NSLCLAWA students are now on campus for session 3! Welcome to Georgetown! Check out this video from Reg Day: … and […]

INTL and MAST Students Visit the U.S. Department of State

#NSLCINTL and #NSLCMAST students spent the morning visiting the U.S. Department of State, where they heard from Dr. Douglas M. Padgett, Senior Officer […]