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Leadership Tip of the Day – An Introduction

Every day, we’ll share a short clip with a leadership tip or thought of the day from our #NSLCatGU Leadership Facilitator Freddie Silveria.

End of Summer 2017

Thank you all so much for taking the time to follow #NSLCatGU updates this summer! As a reminder, all of the content that […]

Law & Advocacy Students Head Home

#NSLCLAWA students finished their conference here at Georgetown, and are en route home. In this video, several students reflect on their NSLC experiences. […]

Law & Advocacy Students Compete in Final Mock Trials

#NSLCLAWA students spent a significant amount of their time here learning about the different aspects of a trial, from cross examination to impeaching […]

Law & Advocacy Students Visit Georgetown Law

#NSLCLAWA students visited Georgetown Law today, and got a taste of what it’s like to be a first-year law school student from Assistant […]

Law & Advocacy Students Complete Lecture Series

During their time at NSLC, #NSLCLAWA students have had the privilege of attending a lecture series taught by Drexel University Associate Professor of […]

Law & Advocacy Students Visit the Supreme Court

#NSLCLAWA students spent their afternoon at the Supreme Court today, where they learned how the highest court in the land works. In addition, […]

MAST & LAWA Visit Monuments At Night

#NSLCMAST and #NSLCLAWA students visited the monuments this evening, as the sun set. To see a couple more photos, click here.

Law & Advocacy Students Learn the Ins and Outs of the Law

During their time here at NSLC, #NSLCLAWA students are learning all of the facets of a trial, which will culminate in a mock […]

Law & Advocacy Students Meet with NSLC Co-Founder

#NSLCLAWA students had the chance to meet with Mr. Paul M. Lisnek, co-founder of the NSLC. Mr. Lisnek answered students’ questions about his […]