Category: International Diplomacy

International Diplomacy Students Finish World Simulation Projects

#NSLCINTL students have been hard at work creating new countries this week in their world simulations. Each group had to use their newfound […]

International Diplomacy Students Visit the United Nations in NYC

#NSLCINTL students visited the United Nations in New York City today to take tours and learn more about the UN’s work with the […]

International Diplomacy Students Learn About Global Food Disparity

#NSLCINTL students learned about food inequality in a simulation designed to show the students how many people in the world (800 million) are […]

International Diplomacy Students Meet with Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield

#NSLCINTL students had the chance to meet with former Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, to learn about her career in the Foreign Service.¬†Manuel (pictured) is […]

International Diplomacy & Mastering Leadership Students Visit the US Department of State

#NSLCINTL and #NSLCMAST students spent the morning at the US Department of State, where they heard from James Applegate, Head of the DPRK […]

LAWA & INTL Students Experience Washington at Night

#NSLCINTL and #NSLCLAWA students took a sunset monument tour in the nation’s capital. For more photos, click here.

International Diplomacy Students Learn About the US Foreign Service, Visit Saudi Arabian Embassy

#NSLCINTL students learned about a career in the Foreign Service with Mr. Bruce Wharton, then visited the Saudi Arabian Embassy to learn about […]

International Diplomacy Students Meet with Bruce Abrams of USAID

#NSLCINTL students had the chance to learn about what it’s really like to work for USAID from Mr. Bruce Abrams, Senior Deputy Assistant […]

International Diplomacy Students Begin World Simulation Project

#NLSCINTL students started their World Simulation projects this evening. Stay tuned on the blog and on our Flickr album to see more images […]

LAWA & INTL Students Work on Teamwork

#NSLCLAWA and #NSLCINTL students went to a ropes course today to work on their team building skills. To see more photos from this […]