Category: Political Action & Public Policy

Election Night! The results are in!

Last night was the final day for both parties to scramble votes for election day! All day yesterday students and staff from all […]

Washington Monuments at night!

Yesterday evening our POLI students took a visit to see the monuments on the National mall! The students started off at Thomas Jefferson […]

Guest Speaker: Shawanesh Underwood

Today, POLI students heard from Shawanesh Underwood, a member of the Secretary’s Office of Policy Planning. In her position, she is responsible for […]

Primary Debates and Nominations!

This morning POLI students had their first debate and nomination from the Republican Party and the Democratic Party! Candidates from both parties were […]

Campaign Simulation Primary Election

Today, POLI students held their primary election for their mock presidential campaign. Students were assigned to political parties and six students ran for […]

Senate Simulation

This evening our students broke out into their senate simulation where they were split into different groups for their subcommittee vote. They were […]

Campaign Simulation

Today our Political Action and Public Policy students had their first full day here at Georgetown University! This evening they had their first […]