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Our Engineering students also built rockets today! Each group was presented with basic instructions, then encouraged to create their own version of a […]

Building Wind Turbines

Today, our Engineering students had a jam-packed day making wind turbines! The students participated in the simulation by “buying” the necessary materials to […]

Self-Driving Cars

Today, our Engineering students learned about the intricacies of self-driving cars. The TAs broke down the science and necessary coding that goes into […]

A Summer to Remember: NSLC in D.C. 2021

This summer has been a summer to remember. We’ve had over 700 students at the Marriott Crystal Gateway across nine different programs: International […]

Engineering Structures Challenge

The JNSLC students got to experience first hand the triumphs and challenges of building structures like towers, bridges, and more! There structures had […]

Air and Space Museum Tour

Click one of the photos to view the full album. Today, the Engineering students of JNSLC came to the Air & Space Museum! […]

Rocket Launch – Video

Today, the engineering track of JNSLC built their very own rocket. They were given time to design a rocket made of cardboard, paper, […]


Click one photo to see the entire album. Today the JNSLC ENGN students tried their hand at soldering! After a demonstration, students got […]

JNSLC Opening Ceremony

Click one image to see the entire album.  Today was a very exciting day for the JNSLC students! They began their 6 day […]

Meet the Staff!

Click on one photo to see the entire album.  They are are so excited to meet you all!