Year: 2019

VIDEO I #NSLCLAWA Students Find Out Their Leadership Style!

  Today, our Law and Advocacy students completed The Personality Matrix – an activity designed to find each student’s individual leadership style! To […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Commitment

Commitment is a large part of leadership and making decisions. A’ric breaks down the importance of this daunting word and how it can […]

Meet Your 2019 Mastering Leadership (MAST) Team!

  Meet one of our new programs here on campus, Mastering Leadership, and their fun-loving staff! Program Director: Tommy Self Head Team Advisor: […]

Meet The 2019 Business Intensive (BINT) Staff!

  Our Business Intensive Staff is so excited for students to experience their program this summer! Program Director: Kristin Kalish Head Team Advisor: […]

VIDEO I #NSLCINTL Learn The Art of Negotiation!

  Our International Diplomacy students learned about negotiation and its importance during a talk with Co-Founder of the NSLC, Dr. Paul Lisnek! To […]

Dr. Paul Lisnek Speaks to the Law and Advocacy Program!

  Dr. Paul Lisnek, Co-Founder of the NSLC, came and spoke to our Law and Advocacy students about his career in law and […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Conflict Styles – Collaborating

A’ric Jackson describes the best (and last) style for conflict resolution, collaborating! Want to view more leadership tips? Check them out here! To […]

VIDEO I #NSLCLAWA Welcomes in Session #3!

  Our Law and Advocacy program registered all of their students and are super stoked to see all of the progress, memories, and […]

International Diplomacy Students Learn the ‘Ropes’ of Leadership!

  Our #NSLCINTL program survived the heat today and put their leadership skills to the test with the Ropes Challenge Course today! To […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Conflict Styles – Compromising

A’ric Jackson busts the myth that compromising is a sufficient way to resolve conflict! Want to view more leadership tips? Check them out […]