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Mastering Leadership Learns Their Leadership Style!

    Our #NSLCMAST students found out whether they were a koala, peacock, owl, or lion in our Personality Matrix. These animals coincide […]

VIDEO I Mastering Leadership Students Learn Their Leadership Style!

  In order to become the best leader possible, it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses. During today’s Personality Matrix, our […]

VIDEO I #NSLCLAWA Students Find Out Their Leadership Style!

  Today, our Law and Advocacy students completed The Personality Matrix – an activity designed to find each student’s individual leadership style! To […]

VIDEO I #NSLCLAWA Students Find Their Leadership Style!

  Are you a Lion, Owl, Peacock, or Koala? Well, our #NSLCLAWA students can confidently answer this question after learning their leadership style […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Students Tackle the Personality Matrix!

And our second program tackles the Personality Matrix where they discovered their personal leadership style! To see more pictures from this awesome session, […]

VIDEO I Personality Matrix: Finding Your Leadership Style

Our wonderful Leadership Facilitator, A’ric Jackson, brought out the ‘animal’ and taught our INTL students their leadership styles in the Personality Matrix Leadership […]

MAST Students Learn About Their Communication Styles

#NSLCMAST students learned about their communication styles today during an activity called “personality matrix.” Are you a lion, peacock, owl, or koala? Ask […]

Mastering Leadership Students Find Themselves on the Personality Matrix

#NSLCMAST students learned about the Personality Matrix today during a session led by A’ric Jackson. Through an activity, students are divided into four […]