Leadership Tip of the Day: Communication & Speaking/Tonation

A’ric Jackson ends his tips about communication by discussing how your tone can affect the way you say things! Want to view more […]

#NSLCBINT Visits The International Monetary Fund!

  The Business Intensive program learned about The International Monetary Fund and all of its initiatives and overall goal at today’s field trip! […]

Business Intensive Students Master Their Elevator Pitches!

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#NSLCMAST Visits The Pew Charities Foundation!

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Leadership Tip of the Day: Communication & Body Language

Continuing on with communication, A’ric explains how body language can make or break a first impression! Want to view more leadership tips? Check […]

#NSLCBINT Survives The Social Media Madness!

  Our Business Intensive Students found out what it is like to run a social media account for their companies in this fast-paced […]

Mastering Leadership Welcomes In Their New Students With The Start of Session #2!

  Our #NSLCMAST entered into their second session with Registration Day today! We are so excited to meet all of the new students […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Communication & Listening

A’ric Jackson explains the importance of communication with others with a tip that is often overlooked, listening! Want to view more leadership tips? […]

Business Intensive Students Check Out Washington DC!

  Our #NSLCBINT program loved exploring Washington DC and all of its monuments on this gorgeous night! To stay up-to-date on all of […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Personaility Matrix – Koala

And the final leadership type, The Koala, is here – which one are you? Want to view more leadership tips? Check them out […]