VIDEO I Court Is In Session: #NSLCLAWA Mock Trials

  All of the preparation has led up to this – our Law and Advocacy students showed their skills as attorneys today at […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Communication & Speaking/Tonation

A’ric Jackson ends his tips about communication by discussing how your tone can affect the way you say things! Want to view more […]

Law and Advocacy Students Participate in Voir Dire!

  Our #NSLCLAWA students learned how picking members of a jury can be both difficult, yet lots of fun in this exaggerated and […]

VIDEO I #NSLCINTL Finish Their Lecture Series!

  Our International Diplomacy program loved their lecture series with Dr. Dylan Craig this past week. All of them were filled with theories […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Communication & Body Language

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International Diplomacy Students Visit the Embassies of Saudi Arabia and China!

  Our #NSLCINTL students visited both the Embassies of Saudi Arabia and China these past few days. The students loved learning about the […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Communication & Listening

A’ric Jackson explains the importance of communication with others with a tip that is often overlooked, listening! Want to view more leadership tips? […]

VIDEO I Why Should Our #NSLCLAWA Students Go To Law School?

  Our Law and Advocacy students have finished their Lecture Series with Professor Lisa Tucker with a topic that all potential lawyers want […]

#NSLCINTL Takes on The Cross-Cultural Simulation!

    Our International Diplomacy students learned the importance of communication between cultures in this innovative and downright hilarious simulation! To stay up-to-date […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Students Hear From Experienced Lawyers!

  At todays Law Panel, #NSLCLAWA students were able to hear from two professional lawyers to learn more about their careers, law school, […]