Self-Driving Cars

Today, our Engineering students learned about the intricacies of self-driving cars. The TAs broke down the science and necessary coding that goes into […]

Primary Debates

This evening, our Political Action and Public Policy students had their first debate! Three Republican candidates and three Democratic candidates took their respective […]

Security Council Simulation

Today our international diplomacy students had their security council simulation! Students were separated and were pretending to be different countries and tackle global […]

National Security Council

What appeared to be an average lecture on foreign policy was abruptly interrupted by an emergency alert directing students to report immediately to […]

Intubation and Epidemiology

This morning, our middle school Medicine and Health Care students participated in their first lesson! They learned the basics of epidemiology, followed by […]

Welcoming Our Middle Schoolers to NSLC!

Our middle school program arrived on campus today! After settling in and meeting their TAs, they attended their opening ceremony led by Site […]

Visiting The Department of the Interior

Today, the students split into groups while visiting the Department of Interior. The groups had the opportunity to hear from Kelly Kim, the […]

GUEST SPEAKER: Michael Fuchs

Michael Fuchs is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and Foreign Policy Advisor to President Bill Clinton. Previously, Fuchs served […]

Guest Speaker: Sarah Schaefer

Sarah Schaefer is the Director of Communications and Congressional Liaison at the Middle East Policy Council. Prior to holding this position, she was […]

Guest Speaker: Major General Joseph R Balwin

Today, students heard from MG Joseph Richard Baldwin, Assistant for Director of the Army National Guard Staff (Chief of Staff). MG Baldwin is […]