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International Diplomacy and Law & Advocacy Students Arrive on Campus

#NSLCINTL and #NSLCLAWA students arrived at Georgetown University earlier today to start their programs. At the opening ceremony, students met with Mr. A’ric […]

Meet the LAWA Staff!

Program Director: Cameron Elbert Head Team Advisor: Chad McCutcheon Team Advisors: Nick Ainsworth, Jazzmine Easterling, Madison Friedrich, Aviva Kaye-Diamond, Christina McLaughlin, Lauren Perlik […]

Departure Day

Thank you LAWA students for a fantastic session! Here’s a look back at some of the awesome moments from the session!

Mock Trial

After all of the preparation, LAWA students put their best case forward in their own mock trial.

The Supreme Court

The LAWA students visited “The Highest Court in the Land” in order to gain a better understanding of the justice system.

Newseum Visit

Start spreading the news, LAWA students visited the Newseum today!

Evidence and Objections

What’s a good trial without good evidence? LAWA students learned how to present their evidence in court and how to face the objections […]

Mr. Colman McCarthy

LAWA students had the chance to listen to Mr. Colman McCarthy, the director of the Center for Teaching Peace, speak about the need […]

Direct and Cross

LAWA students learned how to effectively direct and cross in court in preperation for their upcoming trial.

Challenge Course

The Law and Advocacy students were up to the challenge of the challenge course today!