Category: High School Programs

Trade Simulation!

Students from International Business participated in an activity called, “Trade Simulation”. Each student would be split into different groups, representing a particular country. […]

World Simulation!

Students from the International Diplomacy program participated in an activity called, “World Simulation”. Each team represents a country and is allowed to open […]

Meet Dr. Paul Lisnek!

Meet Dr. Paul Lisnek! Dr. Lisnek is the host of “Politics Tonight”, is the political analyst for WGN-TV, and anchors “Newsmakers” on HLN […]

Global Corporations: Press Conference!

The Global Corporation Simulation Press Conference is either after the “fiscal year” or after four meetings of the management team have been completed. […]

Business Lab!

The Business Lab is when the TAs pick a relevant topic to go in-depth on that isn’t otherwise covered in the IBUS curriculum. […]


Students from International Diplomacy participated in an activity called “Cross-Cultural Simulation”. In this activity, students are split into 4 different groups. Each group […]

Welcome to the USIP!

Welcome to the United States Institute of Peace! The USIP is a national, nonpartisan, independent institute, founded by Congress, that is dedicated to […]

Trial Sections!

Students from Law and Advocacy were split into different groups based on their TAs. Each TA was stationed in a specific room within […]

Meet Professor David Schott!

Meet Professor David Schott! Professor Schott works at the Sturm College of Law as both a professor of the practice of law and […]

Global Corporations!

Students are split up into 4 companies, Ringo Wireless, Neptune Hotels, Havorforth Buxley (consulting), and Abacaxi Pineapples. The students’ role in these companies […]