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Trial Section

While preparing for their mock trials, the students are able to collaborate with other students in their trial teams. During these sessions they […]

Law School Visit

The students were able to speak with the dean of admissions at George Washington University Law School. A top 25 law school, with […]

Visit to the French Embassy

Professor Vincent Michelot, the Higher Education Attaché at the French Embassy in the United States, spoke with students about the French embassy and […]

IBUS Recap!

INTL Recap!

LAWA Recap!


Welcome to the German Embassy!

Welcome to the German Embassy! Students from the International Diplomacy were given the opportunity to tour the embassy and listen to a lecture […]

Cross Cultural Simulation!

Students from International Business participated in an activity called “Cross-Cultural Simulation”. In this activity, students are split into 4 different groups. Each group […]

Mock Trials!

Students from Law and Advocacy visited Montgomery District Court where they participated in a mock trial! Students were divided into three different courtrooms […]

Security Council Simulation!

Students from International Diplomacy participated in a Model UN activity called, “Security Council Simulation”. The students were all divided into a specific room […]