Category: Law & Advocacy

Law & Advocacy Students Focus on Advocacy

#NSLCLAWA students talked about their passions tonight, and worked together to figure out how they can each make a difference in their communities […]

Session 2 Students Arrive

#NSLCLAWA, #NSLCINTL & #NSLCMAST students have arrived on campus! To view more photos of their opening ceremonies or opening TA groups, check out […]

Session 2 Registration Day!

Welcome to the blog for the NSLC at Georgetown University! (also known online as #NSLCatGU) Session 2 starts today, and our students have […]

Law & Advocacy Students Participate in Final Mock Trials

#NSLCLAWA students spent a lot of their time at NSLC reviewing case documents and preparing for their final mock trials. Today, the students […]

Law & Advocacy Students Meet Hon. Reggie Walton

#NSLCLAWA students had the chance to meet with Hon. Reggie Walton, Senior Judge for the US District Court, DC. Judge Walton started his […]

LAWA & INTL Students Experience Washington at Night

#NSLCINTL and #NSLCLAWA students took a sunset monument tour in the nation’s capital. For more photos, click here.

Law & Advocacy Students Learn About Commitment In Action

#NSLCLAWA students met with Leadership Facilitator A’ric Jackson to learn about what it really means to commit to an action, and to come […]

Law & Advocacy Students Visit Supreme Court

#NSLCLAWA students spent their afternoon learning about the Supreme Court of the United States and what all goes in to making the court […]

Law & Advocacy Students Go Back to Basics

#NSLCLAWA students went back to the basics of the American legal system with David C. Schott, a professor in the University of Denver’s […]

LAWA & INTL Students Work on Teamwork

#NSLCLAWA and #NSLCINTL students went to a ropes course today to work on their team building skills. To see more photos from this […]