Category: Daily Program Update

INTL Students Visit the U.S. Department of State

#NSLCINTL students visited the U.S. Department of State this morning, where they had the opportunity to hear from Michael P. Lavallee, Communications Director […]

INTL and LAWA Joint Opening

#NSLCINTL and #NSLCLAWA students have arrived on campus for our 4th and final session of this summer at Georgetown University. Check out a […]

Session 4 INTL and LAWA Reg Day

#NSLCINTL and #NSLCLAWA shared a registration day today. Despite the rain, we’re excited to have everyone here!

INTL Session 3 De-Reg Day

#NSLCINTL students are heading home after a very busy 10 days. Check out what some of our students had to say about their […]

INTL Students Finish Lecture Series

#NSLCINTL students finished their lecture series with Prof. Michael Stanaitis, Professorial Lecturer in the School of International Service at American University.

LAWA Session 3 De-Reg Impressions

#NSLCLAWA students are heading home! A few of them shared their impressions of the program. What did you think of the program?

LAWA Final Mock Trials – Video

#NSLCLAWA students completed their Mock Trials at the DC Superior Court. Check out some of their impressions: To see photos from the Mock […]

LAWA Students’ Final Mock Trials

#NSLCLAWA students did their final mock trials today – in a real courtroom! They had the opportunity to perform the mock trials in […]

INTL Students Visit NYC

#NSLCINTL students spent the last two days in New York City visiting the United Nations, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty. Photos […]

LAWA Students Commit to Their Actions

#NSLCLAWA students participated in an activity called “Commitment in Action” today, in which they all had to commit to a fun walk down […]