Month: June 2023

Workshop: Architectural Skills

The architecture students rotated between three workshops, practicing their skills in sketching, drafting, and physical modeling. In the drafting workshop, students measured and […]

Visiting the Drug Enforcement Administration

This afternoon, students took a field trip to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). They first heard from staff about their careers with the […]

U.S. Attorneys’ Office – Guest Speakers

Law & Advocacy students began their morning by meeting with members of the U.S. Attorneys’ Office, Liz Aloi, Daniel Jones, Sharon Donovan, and […]

Making an Impact!

Today our Leadership and Service students went to The Salvation Army and The Capitol Food Bank to volunteer! At the Salvation Army they […]

Opening Ceremonies

After getting settled into their rooms, students in Architecture, Law & Advocacy, and International Diplomacy got into their business casual attire and walked […]

Students Arrive for Session 2

Today, students in Architecture, Law & Advocacy, and International Diplomacy checked into campus and kicked off session two at Georgetown University! After putting […]

Law Intensive students visit Georgetown Law School

Today our law intensive students took a trip to Georgetown Law school and spoke with the head of admissions at the school. The […]

Trial Sections

Throughout the week, Law Intensive students have attended Trial Sections with their TA groups. Here, they start the session with some fun activities […]

LEAD Students Say Goodbye

The Leadership & Service students said their farewells as they held their final meetings and checked out of Georgetown. After officially becoming NSLC […]

Mock Trial

After spending the week learning and practicing essential skills, students argued their cases in the mock trial, meant to imitate a realistic court […]