Year: 2022

Trial Sections!

Students from Law and Advocacy were split into different groups based on their TAs. Each TA was stationed in a specific room within […]

Meet Professor David Schott!

Meet Professor David Schott! Professor Schott works at the Sturm College of Law as both a professor of the practice of law and […]

Global Corporations!

Students are split up into 4 companies, Ringo Wireless, Neptune Hotels, Havorforth Buxley (consulting), and Abacaxi Pineapples. The students’ role in these companies […]

Ropes Course!

Students from Law and Advocacy (LAWA) tested their wills, their fears, their communication skills, and their trust in each other through a series […]

Welcome to JICC!

Welcome to the Japan Information & Culture Center! The Japan Information & Culture Center (JICC) is a part of the Public Affairs Section […]

Closing & Departure

Over the course of the past 9 days, students from both International Diplomacy and Law & Advocacy were able to experience life as […]

Session 1 Recap!

Click here to view the USIP recap!

Mock Trials Recap!

Mock Trials!

Students from Law and Advocacy left Georgetown and arrived at the Montgomery District Court. At the courthouse, the students participated in a mock […]

World Sim!

Students from the International Diplomacy program participated in an activity called, “World Sim”. The premise of the game is to gather as many […]