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Today, the students of Law Intensive walked into Voir Dire, expecting a lecture from their Program Director Ms. Stodola. And that’s exactly what they got. Or so it seemed… 


Ms. Stodola presented to the LINT students, and then discussed a mock court case with them. Together, they brainstormed potential questions they could use to determine a jury for this fake trial. Through it all, the Team Advisors were nowhere to be seen. But then, Ms. Stodola revealed that several of her professional associates from the D.C. area would be joining them to act as the potential jurors, so the students could practice questioning them for their biases. 


Much to everyone’s surprise, in comes the Team Advisors, playing unique potential juror characters. The students were then able to question the TAs about various topics in order to figure out if they were fit to serve on the jury for their trial. What seemed like your average lecture turned into a funny and exciting jury selection activity! 





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