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Today, the Mastering Leadership students met with their Program Director, Jessie Steinbaum, for an activity called Head, Heart, Hustle. In this activity, the students reflected on their values & goals, dreamed up paths to their objectives, and contemplated the people in their lives that support, inspire, and encourage them towards their aspirations. First, they drafted up a visual representation of what makes them who they are. This allows them to discover the way in which they see the world, or their lens. The MAST students also contemplated the things that they are knowledgeable about (head), and the things that they are passionate about (heart), and looked for where the two intersect.




They then even reached out via text to their supporters on the spot to thank them and let them know the impact of their encouragement. This activity allows the students to practice self-reflection and goal setting, while also building self confidence and belief in themselves to pursue their goals and dreams!



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