Year: 2019

VIDEO I World Simulation: #NSLCINTL Begins Creating Their New World!

  Today, our International Diplomacy students began their journey through World Simulation: an activity where they are able to create their own country […]

International Diplomacy Students Take on the Ropes Course!

  Our #NSLCINTL gained valuable leadership and teamwork skills at the Challenge Ropes Course today! To stay up-to-date on all of the activities […]

VIDEO I International Diplomacy Arrives at #NSLCatGU!

  We welcomed in our second session of International Diplomacy students today and we couldn’t be happier to have them! See what they […]

Law and Advocacy Say Goodbye to #NSLCatGU

  And just like that, Session #1 is over! We have loved every minute with this group of Law and Advocacy students and […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Students Experience Their First Mock Trial!

  All of the hard work and dedication was put into action today with the Law and Advocacy’s Mock Trials! They were able […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Hear from the American Civil Liberties Union!

The Law and Advocacy students had a guest lecture with Scott Michelman, the legal co-director for the ACLU, where they learned about the […]

LAWA Students Visit The American University Washington College of Law!

    The #NSLCLAWA students were stoked to visit their first ever law school, and American University’s Washington School of Law did not […]

LAWA and Washington at Night

Our Law and Advocacy students got to enjoy the gorgeous night exploring Washington D.C. and all of its stunning monuments! To see more […]

VIDEO I Building a New World with INTL!

Throughout the course of this session, our #NSLCINTL program has been developing and cultivating their own countries, only to be met by a […]

Law and Advocacy Visit the Newseum!

The Law and Advocacy program got to visit the Washington D.C. Newseum where they were able to explore and learn all about the […]