#NSLCMAST students discuss the distinctions of leadership

What makes a good leader? #NSLCMAST students discussed the following distinctions and found examples of well-known (or not so well-known) figures who exemplify these characteristics of good leaders.

  1. Leaders have a powerful vision. Leaders take an ordinary idea and turn it into a vision, which becomes contagious to those around them.
  2. Leaders are committed to their vision. Commitment is the word that speaks boldly of one’s intentions and the action that speaks louder than words.
  3. Leaders live by values that are consistent with their vision. Their attitudes, decisions, behaviors and actions are aligned and consistent with the visions they declare to be important.
  4. Leaders are inspirational and empowering. True leaders stand out because of their innate ability to share their vision in a clear and powerful way.
  5. Leaders embrace change. Leaders understand true change because they get the heart of the problem and redesign how they operate in the face of that problem, instead of hiding behind masks or pretending the problem doesn’t exist.
  6. Leaders take risks. Leaders are completely willing to give up their comfort zone and face their fears head on.
  7. Leaders are responsible and accountable. Leaders call attention to their own mistakes before giving feedback to others.
  8. Leaders are expert communicators. Leaders understand that communication is a two-way street. Leaders value listening.
  9. Leaders see all obstacles as opportunities. Leaders anticipate the unknown and keep things in perspective.
  10. Leaders develop leadership in others. Leaders understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but that each part is a necessary component of ultimate success. Leaders lead by example and in doing so, teach others how to win.

#NSLCMAST students discuss the distinctions of leadership

#NSLCMAST students discuss the distinctions of leadership

#NSLCMAST students discuss the distinctions of leadership

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