#NSLCMAST students worked together to redefine and find exemplars of the distinctions of leadership, as found in their workbooks. They then got in groups to discuss their strongest and weakest characteristics as a leader, and using these weak points as a baseline, came up with ideas of how they can all improve as leaders.

The distinctions of leadership, as set forth by the workbook students are using, are as follows:

  1. Leaders have a powerful vision
  2. Leaders are committed to their vision
  3. Leaders live by values that are consistent with their vision
  4. Leaders are inspirational and empowering, enrolling others in their vision
  5. Leaders are change masters
  6. Leaders are risk takers
  7. Leaders are responsible for it all
  8. Leaders are expert communicators
  9. Leaders see all obstacles as opportunities
  10. Leaders are wise thinkers
  11. Leaders have incredible strength of character
  12. Leaders develop leadership in others

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader?

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